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Pipe Accessories

Pipe Accessories

Here is an assortment of pipe accessories for your pumping applications, including hose couplers, drain hose kits, male adaptors and more.

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1-1/4" Drain Hose Kit, Model KJM-DH-24

Used for extending discharge line. 24' Length

1-1/2" Drain Hose Kit, Model KJM-DH-22

Used for extending discharge line. 24' Length

1-1/4"x 1-1/2" Rubber Coupler, Model AJA-CVHC-12

Used for Jackel style check valve (Model AJA-DJ-545) or as union.

2" Rubber Coupler, Model AJA-CVHC-20

Used with Jackel style check valve (Model AJA-GP-2) or as union.