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Jim and Angela Murray founded the business in Colgate, Wis. in 1958. They designed and built residential sump pumps, which quickly became identified for their quality and reliability. Today, Jim Murray, Inc. is known as the “go to” specialist and trusted source you can turn to for even your most difficult pumping problems.

In May of 2017, Jim Murray, Jr. and his wife Patti sold the business to Mike Blum.  Mike has been in the pump industry for the past 11 years, most recently as Sales Director of Franklin Electric, which included responsibility for the Little Giant pump brand.  Jim will remain on board to help make it a successful transition of ownership.  The loyal and dedicated team at Jim Murray, Inc. will continue to serve your needs in the tradition that we have provided since 1958. 

Jim Murray, Inc. supplies customers throughout Wisconsin and Illinois with the finest sump pumpssewage and wastewater pumps, accessories and parts. We still build pre-packaged pump systems using products from the top names in the business, including Little Giant, Barnes, Metropolitan Industries, Tsurumi, Glentronics PHCC, Topp Industries, SJE Rhombus, Alderon, Jackel and more.


The staff of Jim Murray, Inc. is comprised of a well trained, hands on group of individuals that have real life experiences working with the products we sell.

In addition to the product knowledge, we get to know our customers by asking the right questions.  We go overboard to insure that they get the right product for their applications.

We routinely instruct approved continuing education classes for plumbing license renewal in both Wisconsin and Illinois.

Real people making the real difference. 

Mike Blum, 2017
Direct: 262-345-3120
Cell: 260-437-5501
Dan Burback, 1986
Operations Manager
Direct: 262-345-3104
Cell: 414-702-6188
Tom O'Brien, 1990
Commercial Sales Manager
Direct: 262-345-3101
Cell: 414-702-6189

Lisa Maier, 1998
Business Manager / Purchasing
Direct: 262-345-3102
Dan Logan, 2002
Operations Assistant / Plant Manager
Cell: 414-573-5664
Todd Anderson, 2002
 Assembly / Product Delivery

Cell: 262-444-3938

Genny O'Driscoll, 2003
   Receptionist / Accounts Receivable & Customer Service
Direct: 262-345-3100

Larry Thies, 2006
Product Delivery / Customer Service
Cell: 414-573-0266


Jason Hajek, 2007
Product Delivery / Customer Service

Mike Daoust, 2013
Senior Sales Manager
Direct: 262-345-3107
Cell: 262-501-6012
John McGinn, 2018
Direct: 262-345-3113
Cell: 262-305-5666
Jay Sudak, 2018
Inside Sales
Direct: 262-345-3114



KevinTamboli, 2018

Bill Rosenberg, 2018
Product Delivery / Customer Service
Cell: 414-573-1516

Joe Jaszewski, 2019
Inside Sales
Direct: 262-345-3115